Short Run Specialists & Rapid Prototyping!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's our average lead-time?
A: About 6 weeks.

Q: What kind of testing do we support, or provide?
A: We provide mag particle, physical, chemical, and we also offer
x-ray's at a certified lab offsite.

Q: What kind of tolerances can the Machine Shop hold?
A: (+,-) .0005

Q: What's the average process time for the machining of castings?
A: About 20 days

Q: What's the minimum and maximum size of castings we can produce?
A: We can cast up to 2000 pounds.

Q: What's our scrap rate?
A: Approximately 2%

Q: What is our On-Time delivery status?
A: Currently it is at about 88%

Q: Do you handle specialty materials?
A: Yes, if we have an order large enough for an entire heat.

Q: Who do we contact about pricing, delivery times, material certification questions, or any other questions to get us started?
A: Contact Carol Chance at KPF. You can fill out the E-mail form in the contacts section or send an email directly to her at

Q: How does KPF figure pricing for the castings when the alloy market fluctuates so dramatically from day to day?
A: Pricing is decided for each casting before a purchase order is approved, a material surcharge is added to each part. That surcharge could go up or down with each PO depending on the market at the time of the PO being approved.

Q: What are our net terms?
A: 30 days

Q: Do we need credit refrences?
A: No

Q: Do you offer any discounts if invoices are paid early?
A: 2-10 net 30