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Customer Service

KPF is happy to welcome potential customers requests, for quotations, pattern work, castings, and machining at any time. We understand our customers need to "shop around" for the best price and delivery when deciding on a foundry. In an effort to expedite the process of getting these quotes back to you, as quickly as possible, please provide us with the information below. If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us here at KPF.

  • Is tooling provided?
  • What material specifications do you want or need the castings made to?
  • Is there a bluprint for the casting?
  • Do you want the casting machined?
  • Approximate size and weight of the casting
  • Is a sample required?
  • Do you require first article x-ray, layout, and inspection reports?
  • Any special testing required?
  • Number-On for tooling
  • Quantity you want/need to order
  • Any other special requirement